Your tractor. New technology. Totally autonomous.

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Imagine your existing tractors performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, leaving you time to manage your operations. With ATC's technology you can have lower equipment costs, lower operating costs and higher yields.

No drivers?
No problem.

ATC's technology addresses one of the most pressing problems in agriculture today - a lack of qualified labor during peak season needs. The system installs on your existing tractor to make it truly autonomous without relying on GPS. It can be trained to do countless repetitive field tasks on its own so you have time to manage your farm and maximize profits. And you can still drive it manually whenever you need to.

Two patented technologies
= one amazing tractor

The science behind AutoDrive

AutoDrive is the only truly autonomous navigation system available for tractors. It offers highly precise, repeatable accuracy that addresses the issues farmers face with GPS-based units: no reception dead spots, no problems with sunspots or other interference. It relies on ATC’s proprietary Laser-Radio Navigation System (LRNS) for sub-inch positioning data and FieldSmart artificial intelligence software that allows you to “train” the tractor without programming. Sonar systems provide full perimeter safety and pan-tilt cameras communicate via cellular to allow you to monitor progress and remotely resolve issues at any time.

eDrive: Imagine...
new life for your tractor

ATC’s diesel-electric eDrive system can put your older tractor back in the field, better than new. Using ATC’s proprietary electric wheel motors eDrive replaces your tractor’s transmission, differential and axles with four simple motors. Repairs are simple and can be done in almost any farm shop. A 400 hp eDrive system provides 30% better fuel efficiency, quieter operation, exquisite control and 20,000–25,000 hours of new life for your old workhorse at a small fraction of the cost of a new tractor.

The technology behind eDrive

eDrive is powered by ATC’s proprietary 100 hp wheel motor. Only two gears with no transmission provides for speeds up to 20 mph and greater than 300 hp instantaneous power in each motor. The liquid-cooled, liquid-lubricated and liquid-controlled design is rated for 25,000 hours of service life and needs no maintenance. A motor can easily be swapped out in less than an hour with no specialized equipment.

ATC’s Future: The Spirit

Leveraging our core AutoDrive and eDrive technologies, ATC is developing a whole new generation of tools. The Spirit is a concept vehicle that can be easily transported and costs less than half of traditional tractors. It is able to multi-task with implements on the front, middle and back. Imagine being able to mow, dry and bale hay in one pass...The Spirit is the future.

ATC was founded by an entrepreneurial father/son team
that has been passionate about farming and how technology
can help make a better world for decades.

Kraig Schulz received his graduate degree in agriculture from the University of Arizona and spent four years working with farmers in Mali, West Africa to improve crop selection and production methods. Kraig spent 15 years as a management consultant working with bio-science companies on commercialization and technology acquisition strategies. He was previously a partner in Ernst and Young’s transactions practice.

Terry Anderson has been a technology entrepreneur for more than 40 years and has built 7 successful companies with a total exit value of nearly $2B. Terry grew up on a farm in Northwestern Minnesota and maintains close ties to his family’s farm. Terry’s prior companies include Ancor communications which created the world’s fastest computer switch back in 1999 and is now used to power some of today's most powerful super computers.

Contacts for Autonomous Tractor Corporation

For further information please contact:

Kraig Schulz
President and CEO
4302 13th Ave South
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